7th December in history...

1902 : Birth of "J G Navle", India's 1st Test wicket-keeper.
1761 : Birth of "Madame Tussaud" invented the wax museum.
1924 : Birth of "Mario Soares", 17th President of Portugal.
1724 : Birth of " Louise of Great Britain", Queen of Denmark and Norway.
Death of "Richard Bellingham", English-American lawyer and politician, 8th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
1993 : Death of "Wolfgang Paul", German physicist.
1941 : 2,400 peoples died due to the attack on Pearl Harbor
1998 : Death of "Martin Rodbell", an American scientist and got Noble Prize in Physiology.
Student Day in "Iran".
1995 : The Galileo spacecraft was launched by Space Shuttle Atlantis in Jupiter.
1941 : World War II the Imperial Japanese Navy attacks the Pearl Habour in U.S

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