8th December in history...

1942 : Birth of "Hemant Kanitkar", Indian cricketer.
1861 : Birth of "Georges Melies", the first filmmaker.
1765 : Birth of "Eli Whitney", invented the Cotton Gin.
1935 : Birth of "Dharmendra", Indian actor.
1699 : Birth of " Maria Josepha", Queen of Poland
1894 : Pafnuty Chebyshev, Russian mathematician .
1952 : Death of "Charles Lightoller",2nd officier in the board of RMS Titanic and also the most senior officer to survive the Titanic disaster.
"Student's Day" in Bulgaria.
"Mother's Day" in Panama.
1971 : Indo-Pakistani War: The Indian Navy launches an attack on port city of Karachi in West Pakistan.
1966 : The Greek ship SS Heraklion sinks into Aegean Sea due to strom and kill 200 peoples.

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