Vatican - The holy city of Christianity

by   Janardhana Reddy

vatican cityThe Vatican City is situated on the Vatican hill, on the right bank of the Tibet River, within the city of Rome in Europe.

The City

The Vatican City is walled enclave, entirely inside the city of Rome, Italy & considered to be the “Smallest Country” in this world. The overall population of Vatican City is not more than 1000 people and the land area covered is approximately 44 hectares.

The History

Italy is an interesting fabrication of the Roman Catholic faith and influence of the pope.

Vatican City came into existence in the year 1929, to provide a territorial identity in Italy for the Holy See in Rome, the State of Vatican City is recognized nation territory under international law. The Vatican has been an independent country which can issue normal passports and can send and receive ambassadors.

Pope John Paul ll became the first polish and non-Italian Pope since the 16th Century. In the year 1984, John Paul 11  Brings the Vatican into the Modern Age.  He was died in April 2005, after a 26 year reign. 

He was followed by the current ‘Pontiff, Pope Benedict XV1. The government of Vatican City has a unique structure. The pope is the sovereign of the state. Legislative authority and a body of cardinals appointed by the Pope for five-year periods.

The Vatican is a symbol of Church leadership and its apostolic tradition.

The pope represents a link to Saint Peter and Jesus. Vatican ceremonies recall the words and actions of Jesus and his followers. Candles incense and various rituals carry symbolic meaning. 

The major languages are Italian and Latin.

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