Charles Babbage - The father of modern computing

by   Ram Kumar

Charles BabbageCharles Babbage, who originated the concept of a programmable computer, is an English Philosopher and Inventor. He was called as "father of the computer". 

Early Life

Charles Babbage born on 26th  December 1791 in Teignmouth, Devon. His father name is Benjamin Babbage and he is a banking partner of the Praeds in England. Babbage’s mother name is Betsy Plumleigh Teape. In childhood he suffered with many illness and her family member forced him to join clergy operated school for special care and academy in Holmwood academy under the guidance of Stephen Freeman.

Babbage interested very much in mathematics. After completing his schooling,he started to write papers about various subjects of Royal Society of London. He married Georgiana Whitmore at St. Michael's Church and the couple got 8 childrens unfortunately only  four  Benjamin Herschel, Georgiana Whitmore, Dugald Bromhead and Henry Prevost are survived in their childhood.


Charles Babbage interested in learning Astrology and also learn more about the equipments used for learning astrology. In  Babbage period People have using logarithmic table for simple calculation and spending more time. At that time, he got an  idea for Building a mechanical calculation device. The Main motivation of his Invention is the device that could perform any Mathematical calculation.

For this Project they needed more money to invest so they get money from Government as Fund for their Projects to achieve their Dream To Reality. For Charles Babbage Project Government have spend 17,500 pounds. He used decimal figures for their Difference Engine but Problem Occurred due to it could operate on complex problems using a series of calculations situation, and also store results within itself for later uses, then result onto a metal output. Unfortunately Babagge was not able to finish his project completely due to whims of politics and funding decisions of Government.

Analytical Engine

To overcome the drawback of Difference Engine, they build “The Analytical Engine". In Analytical Engine Consists of four parts. CPU is used to storing purposes,Punch cards for Reading Stored datas, keyboard for giving inputs and printer for outputs of calculation. Logic and struture of the Analytic engine is the base of development of Modern Computers. so only he called as "The Father of Computing".

Later he served as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge in the period of 1828 to 1839.


In the Year 1824, Charles Babbage was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society.


Charles Babbage  died  on 18 October 1871. He was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

After his Death his brain is divided in to two parts, the one half of the brain in Hunterian museum in Royal College of Surgeon in London. Other half kept in Science Museum in London.


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